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Damage Control Oral Protective Technologies Solution Center

Did you know about Damage Control OPTech Solution Center? We partner with other companies to create oral solutions for special effects, protection and promotional projects. All our services for this division will be highlighted in our new website launch in October. Below we will briefly highlight a few case studies that have come out of this division.

Case Studies:

Sandia National Laboratories and the discovery of Damprotech™

How thick should a mouthguard be for MMA and what are the most shock absorbing materials available? These were the questions Damage Control wanted answered.   Damage Control OPTech teamed up with Sandia National Laboratories to find answers to these questions. By using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis testing Damage Control was able to he best shock absorbing material to fabricate their mouth guards.

The Solution:  Damage Control now uses the Damprotech™ technology which is the most shock absorbing FDA approved material.  This technology is in their High Impact and Extreme Impact boil and bite mouth guards, and also in their DamproBand™ custom mouth guards.  Also, as a result of this study, Damage Control makes all their mouth guards the proper thickness for optimal protection, and optimal athletic performance.  

Multi-Color Mouthguard Designs

Revgear and Fight Dentist approached Damage Control to help them develop a new boil and bite mouthguard line.  Mouth guards that had designs on them, up to that point, were pretty boring, and had only one to two colors designs on them because of the limits of mouth guard design applications that were available at the time.  

The Solution: Damage Control invented a mouthguard multicolor printing system and art application process that would allow for limitless design and color options to the Revgear/Fight Dentist mouth guards.  Up until that point the world had not seen such colorful mouth guard designs.  This is the process Damage Control still employs to create the wonderful artwork on our mouth guards that our customers grown to love. 

Breaking Bad

As Breaking Bad’s final season was being shot in Damage Control’s home city of Albuquerque, the special effects team needed help to solve a problem for a very important episode scene.  The story line was supposed to take place in the winter; however, it was mid-spring in Albuquerque.  Therefore, they wanted to create a winter set, and add realism to the scene by having the show’s main character Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, breathe mist as if it were a cold winters day in Albuquerque.  The typical special effects solution to this problem is putting dry ice in a pill box box with holes in it.  They then place the pill box on the character's tongue, and as the actor breathes, the character then appears to be breathing out mist because of the dry ice.  The problem was, however, that Bryan Cranston’s character need to talk during that important scene; something he had much difficulty doing with a big pill box on the top of his tongue.

The Solution:  Damage Control was hired by the set to find the solution to this problem. Damage Control took an impression Bryan Cranston’s teeth and pallet to create a device that would place the pill box on the roof of his mouth allowing tongue movement for talking during the scene, and also create the mist the special effects department was after.

Bemidji State University 

Damage Control was approached by Bemidji State University to create a mouthguard that showed their team spirit. This mouthguard was to be handed out to the students as they attended the university sporting events.

The Solution:  Damage Control’s graphic design team created a mouthguard that reflected the team’s mascot Bucky the Beaver.  They did this by designing prominent beaver buck teeth on the front of the mouthguard.  They designed and fabricated the mouth guards to be handed out to the university's students. When the students attended these games they showed BSU pride as they displayed their huge beaver buck teeth as they cheered on the Bemidji Beavers.

Creation of HXC™

Since the start of the company Damage Control has done multiple literature research studies as well as multiple scientific laboratory studies concerning mouth guards and materials to bring our customers the most protective highest performing mouth guards in the market.  HXC™, also known as our Hardcore Mouthguard, was brought to development by custom mouth guard fabricators in Europe.  There was one study that showed superior impact power distribution for mouthguards with this method of fabrication done by a group of scientist in Germany in the 1990s. Introducing this fabrication method to Damage Control, however, did not stop at the European techniques for this fabrication process. We brought the product to professional UFC athlete Cub Swanson to test and give, and to us his feedback.   His feedback was invaluable.  As we constructed his original hardcore mouth guard the way the original researchers recommend it, Swanson said he did not like the way it felt in his occlusal (bite down) area.  He wanted a more soft cushion feel for the occlusal  area, for he felt his jaw need more a cushion if he were to take a blow to his jaw area. 

The Solution: Damage Control HXC™ mouthguard.  Our HXC™ mouthguard protects the teeth where it should, and from working with professional athletes who compete at the highest level, we make a more comfortable and protective power distribution mouth guard for athletes involved in combat sports.

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