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Damage Control's Secret to Success


At Damage Control we believe our mission in life is to make things better and share them with others.  We do this by thinking different, and not doing what other mouthguard companies have been doing for the last 50 years.  That is, focusing only on protection, and not other things that are important to athletes like comfort, fit and breathability and style.  Here at Damage Control our focus is to bring serious athletes 3 things in our oral protective products: 1.) Protection  2.)Comfort/Fit and 3.)Aesthetics.  Our observation has been that other companies tend to focus on only one of these three important elements.


1.)Protection.  Shock Doctor is the 8 hundred pound gorilla in the mouth guard industry and was started in the early nineties.  It is apparent that this company is very big on protection, and has multiple patents in their mouthguard technologies focused on protection.  Somewhere along this line in Shock Doctor’s reasoning, however, has made for a protective mouthguard, but the worst fitting mouthguard to date.  People who wear Shock Doctor mouth guards complain of breath obstruction and gagging as the bulk of plastic moves around the athletes mouths as they play their sport.  Also, Shock Doctor's  custom mouth guards are also are bulky because of the unnecessary technology they feel they need to put in their custom mouth guards.

2.)Comfort/Fit.  SISU mouth guards has made a name for themselves by offering a low profile mouthguard  that is made out of a hard plastic.  This does result in a great fit, but we have heard first hand testimonies of complaints of them being too tight of a fit causing headaches, and multiple accounts of injury from teeth being knocked out to soft tissue damage upon impact.  This company has been so caught up in the fit aspect of a mouth guard that they lost focus on what a mouth guard is ultimately supposed to do, protect the mouth!

3.) Aesthetics.  Lets face it, mouth guards with all these “built in technologies” are pretty ugly.  It has not been until recently that mouthguard companies have taken Damage Control’s lead to put designs on their mouth guards.  All Damage Control’s mouth guards are sleek in appearance, and our Instagram page attests to our fans approval. Here at Damage Control we add style to your smile. 

All three of these things stem from our core of beliefs of what we know a mouthguard should be.  Because we believe you should not only feel good when you play, but you should also look good while you are doing it.  No more bulky pieces of plastic in your mouth that obstructs breathing.  No more ugly  thin hard plastic that fits well, but is an lip explosion waiting to happen.  Here at Damage Control our focus is to bring you better products by thinking differently in the creation process, so you can have the ultimate success in doing what you love.


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