The Difference

Since 2009 Damage Control has been on a mission to produce the most comfortable, most protective, and best fitting mouthguard. Many athletes don’t wear mouth guards because they are bulky, uncomfortable and make it hard to breathe. For those of us who do wear mouthguards, there is never an assumption that your new mouthguard is going to be comfortable or great fitting; the only hope is that your new mouthguard will not suck as bad as your previous mouthguard. Damage Control is revolutionizing the industry by putting an emphasis not only on ultimate protection, but great fit and comfortability. We have exceeded many of our customers expectations, from both our custom mouthguards, and boil and bite mouthguards, because of the great fit and comfort our mouthguards offer (the plethora of positive reviews on Damage Control’s Facebook page back this claim). Breathe better, feel better-play better with a Damage Control Mouthguard.