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Play Harder-Live Better:

We believe there is a better way to play, and you shouldn't settle for second best. At Damage Control Mouthguards we offer high end mouth guards for exercise and sport. Our mouth guards are for the serious athlete that wants a better fit, better protection and top of the line performance from a mouth guard. All our mouth guards are specifically designed to absorb impact based on your sport, activity level and build. We make mouth guards you’ll actually wear. That is why our customers love us.

Superior Technology

We believe that better fitting mouthguards that are comfortable will actually get worn by athletes. Our experienced dental technicians and engineers have developed custom mouthguards to protect your teeth during the highest of impact sports. Damage Control's Custom Mouthguard Technologies such as HXC, DamproBand™, and Damprotech™ are ideal for athletes. Low profile and completely customized to fit your mouth. Check out our huge selection of colors and designs to fit your style.

  3D Scanning and 3D Printed Prototyping 

We offer a wide array of 3D scanning  and 3D printed prototyping for your project.

  28 Years Combined Dental  & Laboratory  Expertise

We have dental lab techs, dentists, and engineers on hand.

Graphic Design &
3D Design

We have experienced graphic artists on our team that can help create your mouth guard promotional project, or help you create a 3D rendition of your conceptual design.



How It’s Made

Impressions help us create your custom mouth guards. Intimidated? Don’t be! At-home impression kits are mailed to you once you submit your order. We have step-by-step instructional videos to help walk you through the process. Once we receive your impressions, we can get started on your custom Damage Control mouthguard. In just about 7-10 business days your custom mouthguard will be shipped to you.


Tension headaches? Jaw discomfort? Broken or chipped teeth? Our VFP mouth guards can help! At Damage Control we offer Night Guards designed to protect teeth from the damaging effects of grinding and clenching. Save money and save your smile. Three affordable custom designs to choose from. Night Guard VFP, Hard-Soft Night Guard, and Pro-Form® Soft-Soft Night Guard are designed especially for you to fit your needs. Whether you need protection while you are training or sleeping, our mouthguards are designed using superior technology to give excellent protection for your teeth.

Why Trust Us?

We offer High Impact Limited Warranties with our custom mouthguards. Damage Control’s mouthguards keep your mouth safe and we are confident in our product technology. Damage Control’s Founder and CEO, Delano Romero, teamed Dr. Vesna Delic, D.D.S. to create mouthguards that promote athletes to Play Harder-Live Better. Product and technology engineered to protect your mouth and cost you less than getting a mouthguard or night guard from a dental practice.

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