Clench Guard for Sport (VFP)

Product Highlight

When you order a Clench Guard we will send you an impression kit system that will allow you to take an impression of your bottom teeth. Function informed designed™. When we receive your impressions back, we will fabricate your Clench Guard according to your life style activity you participate in. We will make you a VFP-3MM or VFP-4MM depending on your sporting activity, or you can get our our Duo kit which includes both sizes.

Running, Bicycling, Yoga, Tennis, Water Sports, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Golfing


Weight Lifting, Bag Training, Conditioning, Motorcycling, Gymnastics



We guarantee your custom fit mouthguard to be the best fitting mouthguard you have tried, or your money back.

How It Works

Order custom mouthguard impression kit

Make your mold following these instructions

Ship your mold and order form back to us

Receive your custom-fit mouthguard


If you already have your stone teeth models, or 3D printed teeth models we will email you a return shipping label when your order is placed.  Please ship teeth models back padded and protected to withstand the rigors of shipping.

From start to finish ordering your custom mouth guard takes about four weeks. This time includes shipping and our 10 business day turnaround time when we receive your impression back.   If you would like us to bump up your order in our fabrication queue, there will be an additional charge. 

Our HXC and Damproband technologies add extra protection to the most vulnerable teeth.  

These technologies are recommended for those who participate in combat sports.

Technology Commonality:

90% of oral injuries happen to the two front teeth. These technologies  help distribute energy forces from your two front teeth to stronger teeth that have bigger roots

Differences Between the  Damproband and HXC Technologies:

HXC technology is internal to the mouthguard. It is a hard layer inside two soft layers of the mouthguard. You can add artwork with HXC technology

Damproband technology is external.  We use high shock absorbing material called Damprotech. This material is used for the dispersion bands we constuct the mouthguard with.  You can NOT add artwork to our Damproband sinc the technology is external to the mouthguard not allow space for artwork or 3D designs.

The main cause for this is the impression may have been taken out the mouth too early before the putty set. Therefore, gravity pulls down on the impression gum line area before it sets.  When we pour the mould the mould then does not fully represent the form of your gum line.  No worries, there is a quick fix to this issue with a few elements you can use at home. Click here for the video on how to correct the issue.  Nine time out of ten, following the instructions of this video corrects the problem.  If problem persists contact us. 

The fangs that hang over your bottom teeth are actually made of the same material that the rest of the mouthguard is made of!Since the fangs on our 3D fang mouth guards aren’t as thick as the rest of the mouth guard, they’re naturally softer and more pliable. Over the top area, you’re even getting a little more protection as it becomes that much thicker with the protruding fangs.

Yes, all our custom mouth guards come with a mouth guard case. The mouth guard case will come when your completed custom mouth guard is delivered. 

The mouthguard case does not come with a carabiner, nor is the case antimicrobial. Look at the mouthguard cases we offer under our accessories page.