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VERTICAL FORCE PROTECTION (VFP) - Damage Control Mouthguards
$ 89.00

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When you order a VFP™ we will send you an impression kit system that will allow you to take an impression of your bottom teeth. Function informed designed™. When we receive your impressions back, we will fabricate your VFP™ according to your life style activity you participate in. We will make you a VFP-3MM or VFP-4MM depending on your sporting activity, or you can get our our Duo kit which includes both sizes.

Running, Bicycling, Yoga, Tennis, Water Sports, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Golfing


Weight Lifting, Bag Training, Conditioning, Motorcycling, Gymnastics


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At Damage Control Mouthguards we partner with other companies to create oral solutions. Services we provide are innovative protective technologies, special effects for the film industry, promotional projects, and providing prototyping for laboratories and universities. Damage Control is always open to hearing what projects you have in mind, and providing innovative solutions to those projects.