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Football Mouthguards

Football Mouthguards

We believe there is a better way to play.  Wearing a mouthguard shouldn't have to suck, and your comfort shouldn't be an afterthought. Damage Control has the largest variety of high-end football mouth guards.  We offer a wide selection of boil and bite mouth guards, and lip guard protectors (also known as binky mouth guards or pacifier mouthpieces).  Also, you can get a custom mouth guard for football which will be the best fit, which allows for better communication and oxygen intake.

Look Cool, Stay Comfortable, & Protect Yourself with Mouthguards Designed for Football Players

Damage Control Mouthguards offers you the coolest football mouthguards that professional athletes rely on for high impact. Our football mouthguards are designed for comfort and breathability. When you have a big game to play, the last thing you need to worry about is breathing or fiddling with an annoying, ill-fitting mouthguard. We’ve got your back with our youth football mouthguards.

Browse our inventory to find exactly what you’re looking for. We stock different products to meet the needs of every individual, including custom football mouthguards with straps to secure them to your helmet, football mouthguards with fangs for extra intimidation, and football mouthguards with a lip guard for added protection.

Custom Football Mouthguards

All our mouthguards are made with 3D printing technology, which makes reordering as simple as possible. Order your custom football mouthguard today and enjoy the option to add text or upload your own design. Your mouthguard will come with a free case to keep it in good condition for years to come.