A kick in the teeth got Delano Romero, Damage Control Mouthguards CEO and Founder, thinking about mouthguards.  Romero was sparring in Brazilian jiu-jitsu when his mouth took a hit, and he fractured his two front teeth. He never wore his over-the-counter mouth guard, for it was too thick, bulky, and uncomfortable. Romero felt that if athletes had better fitting mouthguards, they would more likely wear them in their sporting activities. Therefore, Romero decided to develop a better fitting mouthguard, and teamed up with Dentist Vesna Delic, D.D.S. of Albuquerque Delicate Dentistry to create Damage Control Mouthguards. The Duo would later team up with  Organic Chemists from Sandia National Laboratories to determine the best material for shock absorption, and the ideal thickness for a mouthguard, and other studies yet to be revealed. As a result of these research studies, Damage Control now makes mouthguards that are 150% more shock absorbent than the standard material used by virtually all mouthguard companies.  Furthermore, Damage Control makes all their mouthguards the proper thickness for all sports which allows for the maximum breathability, comfort, and the maximum protection.  Therefore, all Damage Control’s current mouthguard lines have been guided by years of dental experience, scientific research and a conviction to make the most comfortable, most protective and best fitting mouthguard in the market.