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Terms & Conditions

All boil and bite mouth guards can be returned to Damage Control for an exchange or refund as long as the mouthguard has not been used.  Damage Control AthletiX cannot reuse or resale used mouth guards; therefore, no refunds or exchanges will be issued if it is determined that the mouthguard  has been used.  

When buying a custom mouthguard, Damage Control Athletix, LLC will send you an Impression Kit containing two putty packs and two impression trays, which give you two tries at doing your impression correctly.  Read all instructions carefully and watch Damage Control's instructional video here.

If your two impressions are done incorrectly you will have to order another Impression kit for $25.  

Damage Control makes no profits from our impressions kits.  

If you choose to not order another Impression Kit, but instead choose to have your money refunded, $25 will withheld from your refund amount to cover Damage Control's impression material cost, and shipping cost for the initial impression kit sent.