August 01, 2016 2 min read

HXC Technology

PRESS RELEASE - For immediate release

Damage Control Releases the new Hardcore HXC Custom Mouth Guard


Damage Control AthletiX, L.L.C. announces that they will be releasing a new custom mouth guard line called The HXC Custom Mouth Guard. This mouth guard will be available for purchase through their website starting August 01, 2016.  Damage Control Mouthguards is an Albuquerque based business founded in 2009, by Delano Romero, and Albuquerque dentist, Vesna Delic D.D.S. While sparing in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match, Romero, had fractured his two front teeth because he was not wearing a mouth guard. “I bought a mouth guard from a local sporting goods store,” says Romero, “but I never wore it because it was too bulky, and would obstruct my breathing.” After his injury his wife Dr. Vesna Delic D.D.S. had fabricated a custom mouth guard for Romero. “I loved my custom mouth guard, for I could breathe with it, talk with it, and drink water with it. While wearing a custom mouth guard, you often forget you have it in, that is how great it fits,” says Romero. Romero’s gym members started to inquire on how to go about getting a custom mouth guard from his wife. That was when Romero had a eureka moment to start a business making custom mouth guards available to all athletes at an affordable price. He teamed with Dr. Delic to developed a self-impression system that allows people to take their own impressions from home, so they no longer need to go to a dentist to get a custom mouth guard. These impression systems can be purchased from their website, or from retailers that sell Damage Control Mouthguard products. When Damage Control receives the impression back, the lab techs at Damage Control fabricate the mouth guard according to the sport the athlete plays.

Damage Control makes custom mouth guards for such notable UFC stars as Jon Jones, Holly Holm, and Carlos Condit.  “Our Hardcore, or HXC, mouth guard, will offer reinforced protection to the teeth for our athletes that participate in high contact sports like MMA, Boxing, Bull Ridding and Hockey,” adds Romero, “it will have the same low profile thickness as our other custom mouth guards, but we will be adding a hard layer in the mouth guard that will give it higher power distribution.” According to a study done by Heuchert, Kirschmann, Hodges, and Kopp in Pfalzgrafenweiler, Germany, the additive of this hard layer added 417% more power distribution, than a single layered custom mouth guard, and 43% more than a double layered custom mouth guard that did not have the hard layer additive. This will be an “add on” option for any custom mouth guard you purchase through Damage Control’s website. The cost to add the HXC to your custom mouth guard purchase is $50. For more information on the HXC mouth guard call Damage Control at 505-292-5499, or visit their website at

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