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Within daily life, two words often used interchangeably are “personalization” and “customization.” These both can refer to similar things in many contexts, but within the world of sports mouthguards, it’s vital to note that they take very different meanings.

At Damage Control Mouthguards, we offer a wide range of custom mouthguards and impact mouthguards for a variety of sports and activities, from MMA to football and many areas in between. For any custom mouthguard you’re considering, we’ll be happy to explain the differences between customization and personalization – both of which are services we offer, but which mean very different things in terms of the quality and durability of the mouthguard.


Fit, Comfort and Protection

When we talk about customization in the mouthguard world, we’re referring to custom mouthguard types that are made specifically for the individual wearer. Customization areas are those you think about most when it comes to protection and safety provided by the mouthguard: Elements like fit, general comfort and the proper coverage to protect the mouth, jaw and tongue from risks during potential collisions.

Not all mouthguards can be customized to the same degree, however. Many stock models and boil-and-bite mouthguards, for instance, have standard sizes and do not allow for the same level of individual fit that contours to the mouth. Such models are all engineered similarly, rather than being made based on an impression or scan of the athlete’s own mouth that the mouthguard will be used for.

Custom Mouthguard


Aesthetics and Design

On the flip side, many  want a mouthguard that not only protects them, but also shows off their own personal style or design preferences. This is what we’d refer to as mouthguard personalization: Any logos or other designs that go on the outside of the mouthguard, the color scheme you choose, and related factors all fall under this category.

As you may have guessed, virtually any mouthguard can be personalized to at least some degree. Even stock options come in a variety of different colors, and they generally offer the ability to place a logo, name, number or any other kind of design onto them. Using various personalization techniques, you can make a mouthguard both a protective device and something that represents your team or a personal motto.

Once again, however, personalization factors tend to be fully separate from protective and safety qualities of the mouthguard. For those who prioritize these areas above any designs or aesthetics – as you should if you’re a serious athlete of any kind – custom mouth guards that are specifically fit to your mouth are easily the best bet.

Custom Design Mouthguard
For more on the differences between customization and personalization when it comes to mouthguards, or to learn about any of our custom sport mouthguards, speak to the staff at Damage Control Mouthguards today.

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