August 08, 2023 2 min read

Numerous products today can be customized due to modern technological capabilities, and a mouthguard for any sport or activity is no exception. Whether you're looking for team customization, individual personalization or any other fully custom mouthguard, obtaining one (or several) is simple enough as long as you follow some basic steps.

At Damage Control Mouthguards, we offer a huge range of mouthguard options for needs ranging from football and basketball to MMA and more, and our graphic software puts our clients in the driver's seat for any kind of custom mouthguard design they're interested in. In this two-part blog series, we'll look at all the most important stages of a custom mouthguard design, plus what to think about within each of them.

Finding a Reputable Mouthguard Partner

First and foremost, one of the single most important parts of designing a custom mouthguard is making sure you’re working with a partner who knows exactly what they’re doing and offers quality materials. Sadly, not all mouthguards and mouthguard companies are created equal - so it’s important to do your research and make sure you have a partner who will deliver the product you’re looking for.

Do some research as you're looking for a partner: look at the different available options, compare prices and read reviews. That way, you can get the best value for your money - something that's always important when designing custom mouthguards.

At Damage Control Mouthguards, we work hard to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with their custom mouthguard design; from high-quality materials and precise designs to unbeatable customer service. Additionally, we'll always provide a detailed overview of the various types of materials available for your custom mouthguard design, which makes it easier for you to decide which one is right for your needs.

Become Familiar With the Software

Today, any reputable mouthguard manufacturer should have the appropriate graphic software. If you're working with Damage Control Mouthguards, for example, we'll give you access to our cutting-edge design software that allows users to customize a variety of aspects related to the design of their custom mouthguard.

From choosing your favorite colors and patterns to personalizing it with logos or names, our powerful tools make it easy for anyone to design their very own custom mouthguard. Plus, our software also has an array of sanitary options that allow you to keep your mouthguard clean and safe - which is especially important when dealing with sport-related injuries.

Of course, before using the software for a custom mouthguard design, it's important to become familiar with it - which is a very simple and straightforward process. Our team will explain the basics of our graphic software and guide you through each stage of the design process, helping you to make the custom mouthguard that best suits your needs.

In part two of our series, we'll look at the remaining steps involved in creating a custom mouthguard design. At Damage Control Mouthguards, we understand that every athlete has different needs and preferences - which is why our custom mouthguards are designed to fit perfectly with each one's individual style. So stay tuned as we continue to explore the world of custom mouthguard design!

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