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Why Football Players Wear Lip Protectors With Mouthguards

Safety is a top priority for any football player, and one of the chief elements here is the mouthguard. Vital for protecting everything from the teeth to the tongue, the mouthguard is required by rule in virtually every form of organized football for good reason.

At Damage Control Mouthguards, we have a huge variety of high-quality custom football mouthguards available for you or your child to browse. We’ve provided mouthguards for NFL athletes in the past, and we use 3D printing technologies to create high-level products that will stand up to even the most physical game. One thing you might notice as you’re browsing our football mouthguards: Many of them come with lip guards or lip protectors as part of their construction. Why is this? Let’s look at a few reasons why these additional bits of protection can be valuable.

Fingers and Lips

Football players all wear helmets, which means certain head-related risks are mitigated to a high degree. Things like blunt force impacts certainly aren’t ideal, of course, but the helmet allows athletes to absorb them with far less damage than they would incur if they weren’t wearing one.

One area the traditional football helmet doesn’t help with, though? Flying fingers, which are very common in football as various players attempt to tackle or hold each other off. It only takes a slight change in movement for that outstretched hand that was aiming for your child’s shoulder to reach through the helmet and smack them in the face instead, and if the offender in question has long or ungroomed nails, this can be a major safety hazard. We can’t tell you the horror stories we’ve heard about cuts, lacerations and even full-on cosmetic surgeries required after this sort of thing took place – but the lip guard helps surround the entire mouth and prevents this from happening.

Fit Concerns

Among several potential issues they carry, cheap store-bought mouthguards often have fit concerns. They aren’t custom designed to fit a single mouth, and most are just a plastic strip to bite on. They can interfere with everything from breathing to even eyesight in some cases.

Luckily, custom mouthguards with lip protectors have no such concerns. The protectors themselves may be standardized in size, but the actual mouthguards will be formatted for your mouth alone to ensure both comfort and safety.

They Look Cool

And finally, what’s a very different reason why many football players wear mouthguards with lip protectors? Because it looks cool! Lip protectors offer another area to show off your unique style as a player, whether it’s the always-effective fangs look or something more creative. Some defensive players even define themselves by the image on their mouthguard.

For more on why football players often wear mouthguards with lip protectors, or to learn about any of our mouthguard products or sports serviced, speak to the staff at Damage Control Mouthguards today.

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