Damprotech™ Dispersion Bands

UFC's number one ranked heavyweight Alistair Overeem came into Damage Control Mouthguards looking for a better custom mouth guard.  The problem that he had with his previous custom mouth guards were that they were too thick for his mouth, and obstructed his breathing.  As a result of this issue, he wanted Damage Control to fabricate for him the thinnest possible mouth guard.  Damage Control's Lab Technicians could not in good conscious make him a mouth guard as thin as he wanted it, as Damage Control is in the protection business, and knows that a thin mouth guard will not protect any MMA fighter much less a person who is taking the hardest of punches from his division. 

The Solution:

Damage Control’s solution for Overeem was to fabricate a DamproBand™ Custom Mouth Guard.  Overeem now has a low profile mouth guard with protective technologies built into it giving him the reinforced protection needed to compete at the highest levels while providing the greatest fit and maximum breathability.  The DamproBand™ Mouth Guard is custom mouth guard with dispersion bands built into the mouth guard; these dispersion bands are made out of Damage Control’s high shock absorbing Damprotech™ technology. These dispersions bands act as a “roll bar” for your teeth by dispersing impact forces from the weakest most venerable teeth to the stronger deep rooted back teeth.