Design Your Own

Create Your Own
Custom Graphic Designed Mouthguard

Our Custom Graphic Mouthguards are Available in four of our Top Mouthguards

Our graphics builder software puts you in the control seat to custom design your own mouth guard. Simply choose your mouth guard color, and upload any design or pattern that you would like to be on your own personalized mouth guard (for best results upload png images). Also, choose from a variety of kick ass fonts we offer in our builder. Graphic design software knowledge is no longer needed to design the mouth guard that expresses your uniqueness and artistic expression while participating in the sport you love.

Extreme Impact 

Extreme Impact Mouthguards with Custom Graphics
Our Extreme Impact boil and bite mouth guard is made with Damprotech technology. This mouth guard has a fit that hugs snug to your teeth with better breathability and shock dispersion. Our customers love the fit and feel of this mouth guard as it locks to your teeth for better breathing.

Comes with a mouth guard carrying case
Available in Junior , Women and Adult sizes
Option to add football helmet strap to any mouth guard
$15,000 Limited Dental Warranty

HXC Custom Fitted

HXC Mouth guard with Custom Graphics
Our HXC Custom mouth guard comes highly recommend for athletes that participate in combat sports and martial arts. Studies have shown that adding a hard core layer adds 417% more power distribution than mouth guards with out it. Most injuries occur to the front teeth, the HXC distributes the forces to your back teeth which are stronger and have the bigger roots, therefore, the HXC offers more protection to where injuries occur most.

Custom Fitted

Custom Fitted Mouthguard with Custom Graphics - $25,000 Limited Dental Warranty!
A Custom Mouthguard will give you the most protection offered by any mouthguard on the market, and the greatest breathability and comfort of all our options. When you order your custom mouthguard, our team will fabricate your DC Mouthguard the proper thickness for your sport.

Breathe Better & Talk Better
Best protection you can get from a mouthguard
Long lasting ( a custom mouth guard can last up to five years if taken care of properly)

Pacifier Mouthpiece 

football mouthpiece

Pacifier Mouthguards are Perfect for Football Players
All our Pacifier mouthpieces come with a helmet strap and are built with an air hole that allows for oxygen flow, even when you are clenching down. If properly cared for, your custom football mouthpiece will last you for years to come. That’s why professional athletes shop with Damage Control to prepare for impact. We offer the most protective, built-to-last products on the market.

Helmet Strap included
Protects the Interior and Exterior of the mouth
Allows Airflow While Clenching
No Boiling Required
Great Option for Braces