HXC™ Hardcore Mouth Guard

Creation of HXC™

Since the start of the company Damage Control has done multiple literature research studies as well as multiple scientific laboratory studies with the goal to bring our customers the most protective highest performing mouth guards in the market.  HXC™, also known as our Hardcore Mouthguard, was brought to development by custom mouth guard fabricators in Europe.  There was one study that showed superior power distribution for mouth guards that were created with this method of fabrication. This study was done by a group of scientists and Dentists at the University of Tubingen in Baden-Wurternberg Germany. Before introducing this technology to Damage Control, we brought a prototype to professional UFC athlete Cub Swanson for sparing to test and give his feedback. His feedback was invaluable.  As we constructed his original hardcore mouth guard, Swanson said he did not like the way it felt in his occlusal (bite down) area.  He wanted a more soft cushion feel for the occlusal area, for he felt his jaw needed more of a cushion if he were to take a blow to his jaw area. Cub Swanson now, along with many UFC athletes, currently competes with this technology built into his mouth guard.

The Solution: Damage Control HXC™ mouthguard.  Our HXC™ mouthguard protects the teeth where it should, dispersing energy to the critical areas of the mouth to prevent the most common oral injuries.  Also, as a result of getting feedback from professional athletes who compete at the highest level, we make a more comfortable and protective mouth guard for athletes involved in combat sports.