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Our Hardcore, or HXC, custom mouth guard offers reinforced protection to the teeth for athletes that participate in high contact sports like MMA, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Bull Ridding and Hockey.  It has the same low profile thickness as our other custom mouth guards, but we add a hard layer in the mouth guard which gives the mouth guard higher power distribution.  According to a study done by Heuchert, Kirschmann, Hodges, and Kopp in Pfalzgrafenweiler, Germany, the additive of this hard layer added 417% more power distribution, than a single layered custom mouth guard, and 125% more than a double layered custom mouth guard that did not have the hard layer additive.  This is an “add on” option for any of our custom mouth guards available for purchase.  The cost to add the HXC to your custom mouth guard purchase is $50 


The DamproBand™ Mouth Guard can be added to any of Damage Control’s custom mouth guards for $30. The DamproBand™ Mouth Guard is a custom mouth guard in which dispersion bands are built into the mouth guard. These bands act as a roll bar for your teeth and help disperse impact forces away from your front teeth to your back teeth. Furthermore, these bands are made out of Damage Control’s own high shock absorbing Damprotech™ technology.  This  is an ideal mouth guard for athletes that want the thinnest mouth guard possible for communication and breathing. We believe this mouth guard is great for BJJ, martial arts, football and BMX.  Artwork currently cannot be added to our Damproband Mouth Guards. 



Damprotech technology.  Studies have shown (including a study done by Damage Control's founder and CEO Delano Romero), that this material has far superior damping qualities than any other mouth guard materials on the market.  Damprotech™ is a great material to use in mouth guards to dissipate energy and ultimately protect your mouth from high velocity blows that can occur in you oral region while participating in the sport you love.  See "DC Research" in the footer for more information about our independent study with Sandia National Laboratories.   Currently our Extreme Impact and High Impact boil and bite mouth guards, as well are our new Damproband Mouth Guard, are made with Damprotech technology.