Sandia National Laboratories Study #1- Damprotech™

Sandia National Laboratories and the discovery of Damprotech™

How thick should a mouthguard be for MMA and what are the most shock absorbing materials available? These were the questions Damage Control wanted answered. Damage Control teamed up with Sandia National Laboratories to find answers to these questions. By using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis testing Damage Control was able to determine what the best shock absorbing materials available for mouth guards were.

The Solution:  Damage Control now uses the Damprotech™ technology which is the most shock absorbing FDA approved material.  This technology is in our High Impact and Extreme Impact boil and bite mouth guards, and also in our DamproBand™ custom mouth guards.  Also, as a result of this study, Damage Control makes all our mouth guards the proper thickness for optimal protection, and optimal athletic performance.  The result of the study can be read here.