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Custom Mouth Guard

Custom Mouthguard

Custom Mouthguard - Damage Control Mouthguards
$ 99.99




$25,000 Limited Dental Warranty!

We have been fabricating custom mouth guards for over 10 years.  We offer the widest variety of custom mouth guard styles from Grillz, 3D teeth, and technologies for added protection.  There is not another custom mouth guard company on this planet that specializes in custom mouth guards the way we do. 

A Custom Mouthguard will give you the most protection offered by any mouthguard on the market, and the greatest breathability and comfort of all our mouthguard options.  When you order your custom mouthguard,  our team will fabricate your DC Mouthguard the proper thickness for the sport you play.  You also have an option to add technologies to your custom mouthguard for added protection. 

    Don't be fooled by competitors "cheaper pricing". We like to make things simple for you. 

    Therefore, we will NOT:

    1. Charge you extra for colors you choose
    2. Charge you extra for the sport you play
    3. Charge you extra for shipping(we pay for shipping for returning your impressions to us (only in the US) and shipping the final product to you).


      Add Style to Your Smile: 

      You can also add text ("Add Text" Option +$20), or download your own artwork to be put on your custom mouthguard ("Upload Your Own Design" Option +$50).  If you do not have pre-made artwork for us, but you have a cool idea in your head, our graphic design team can help bring your idea to life ("We Will Design it for You" Option +$100).  One of our graphic designers will work with you to bring your personalized mouthguard to life. We also do 3D Fang mouth guards! ("3-D Designs" Option +$100) Also, we got Grillz! ("Grillz" Option+$150)


      Custom Mouth Guard Technologies


      When you order a custom fit mouthpiece from us we will send you a Self-Impression Kit in the mail. 

      It is important that you follow the instructions carefully, and watch our videos when you receive your Kit in the mail.  A bad impression may delay the process, and a replacement kit will cost $25.00. We do, however, include two impression systems, so you have two tries at getting your self impression correct.  


      Our fabrication time is 7-10 business days.

      Read our Terms & Conditions

      Download Impression Kit Instructions: Here


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