Add style to your smile, with complete comfort and total protection. Our High Impact boil and bite mouthguards are 3MM thick and made with Damprotech™ technology, offering the best protection and fit of boil and bite in the market. 

  • Huge selection of design and styles
  • $10,000 Limited Dental Warranty
  • Option to add football helmet strap 
  • Available in Junior, Women, and Adult Sizes

We guarantee your custom fit mouthguard to be the best fitting mouthguard you have tried, or your money back.

How It Works

Boil water into a bowl or mug

Place mouthguard in boiling water

After 35 seconds, remove the mouthguard

Bite and suck for 30 seconds

Run cold water over mouthguard


We always recommend you ask your orthodontist what kind of mouth guard they suggest for you or your child's ortho treatment.  Both our High Impact mouth guards, and our Extreme Impact mouth guards can be worn with braces.  They can be refitted multiple times, so we suggest you refit your mouth guard after every adjustment or when the mouth guard starts to feel tight.  Keep in mind our mouth guards only cover the upper teeth.  Also, they will not fit if your child has an expander.

The difference is that the Extreme Impact has added technology called shock pads built into the bottom of the mouthguard, and the Extreme Impact comes with a mouthguard case.

The High Impact does not come with shock pads nor does it come with a mouthguard case. 

High Impact Mouthguards and Extreme Impact Mouthguards both come with sweet designs and both mouth guards are made from our most shock absorbing material Damprotech™ which has been tested in multiple studies to be more shock absorbent than the most common material used in mouth guards.

10,000 Limited Dental Warranty

15,000 Limited Dental Warranty

25,000 Limited Dental Warranty