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3D Fang Mouth Guard
What up DC fans!?
Have you ever thought about getting a sick vampire fang mouth guard for the mat, but are worried about tearing up your gums on a roll? Have you even wanted to stare somebody down on the track and smile to reveal some fearsome, golden tiger teeth but might think that if you take an elbow to the face, it may feel a little worse than it would without them?
These are worries and concerns that a lot of people who have never had our 3D mouthguard line have had! Friend, you’re not alone in your concern. These are valid questions!
Don’t let the illusion of discomfort deviate you from expressing your true barbarity. At Damage Control, we pride ourselves on comfort in all of our products. If they sucked to play in because they we uncomfortable, trust us when I say that we simply wouldn’t offer them to you. Our goal is to keep that smile pretty while making you look rad and while keeping you comfortable.
The fangs that hang over your bottom teeth are actually made of the same material that the rest of the mouthguard is made of!
Since the fangs on our 3D fang mouth guards aren’t as thick as the rest of the mouth guard, they’re naturally softer and more pliable. Over the top area, you’re even getting a little more protection as it becomes that much thicker with the protruding fangs.
Before you decide the get the “ultimate protection” for your roller derby mouthguard by having a 4mm mouthguard with extra “protective fangs”, remember that anything after a 4mm thickness won’t keep you all that much safer. When it comes to impact absorption, 5mm is relatively the same as a 4mm.
Each sport we cater to requires a different level of thickness. Another layer of teeth won’t hurt though!
So with all that said, get as crazy as you want! Live your darkest fantasies or get your gangster fix. We support you and your bad self!

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Jeff Worley
Jeff Worley

September 10, 2017

I have a idea for something different. How about some bubba teeth mouth guard.

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