February 23, 2021 2 min read

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on injury prevention within sports, both for children and adults alike. Whether you’re an amateur who plays sports for fun, a serious performer or even a professional athlete, there are numerous areas to consider when it comes to preventing injury risks.

At Damage Control Mouthguards, we’re proud to be your top resource for one major area of injury protection: Mouthguards, which we offer in numerous styles and varieties, including custom mouthguards designed directly for your mouth. Today’s part two of our series will dig into several other themes for injury prevention, plus a few key areas where your mouthguard plays a big role.

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Staying Hydrated

While you may not think of it as an “injury” necessarily, risks like dehydration, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke are very real while competing in sports. One of the top prevention methods against these risks is staying hydrated at all times.

This process begins well before you’re competing. You should always be staying hydrated on a regular basis, and especially in the lead-up to a major athletic event. But drinking water within the game is particularly important, and this raises one vital theme that relates to mouthguards: It’s hugely important to select a comfortable, non-invasive mouthguard that both protects you and allows basic mouth access. Those with bulky, uncomfortable mouthguards that are hard to take out will naturally drink less while competing, and will be at higher risk of dehydration.

Technique and Safety

One area that’s particularly important for kids, but remains relevant all the way up the age range, is proper technique while competing. We went over equipment for sports, including mouthguards, in part one – this equipment will only be so helpful if the wearer is not taking the proper safety and other techniques while wearing it.

Vary it Up

If you’re a regular athlete of any age, it pays to vary things up. Doing the exact same activity every day risks wearing down the same muscles that are most commonly used, which in turn increases injury risk.

For kids in particular, experts across both sports and medical fields recommend variation. It significantly limits long-term injury risk for young athletes, plus helps build up a variety of muscle groups and skills during important developmental years.

Mouthguard Sanitation

Finally, one area that’s technically not “injury prevention” but is still very important within this general realm: Keeping your mouthguard sanitary. Particularly in today’s times, where disease spread and contaminants are top-of-mind for many, it’s important to keep your mouthguard to yourself and ensure it’s always clean – so that you can wear it during all forms of competition without any concern, keeping yourself fully protected from impact and other head-related risks.

For more on injury prevention for any athlete, or to learn about our custom mouthguard options for a variety of sports, speak to the staff at Damage Control Mouthguards today.

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