October 22, 2017 2 min read

We are a dental laboratory that specializes in protective mouth guards for athletes of all sports.  Our target customer, since the start of our business, has been MMA athletes.  These are athletes that get kneed, elbowed, kicked and punched in the face-intentionally! Our current clients include notable UFC stars such as Jon Jones, Holly Holm, BJ Penn, and Cub Swanson-just to name a few.   Therefore, since the start of the company, we have had a huge responsibility to make the most protective mouth guards available to our customers.  This was a difficult task in starting Damage Control as there are no set standards in the US as to what the best materials to use or how thick a mouthguard should be.  This is why you can go into your local sporting good store and find the most flimsy mouth guards in the MMA sections!  If  you go to your dentist you run the risk of having a mouth guard fabricated that may not be the adequate thickness you need for the sport you play.  However, Damage Control was able to determine what best material was, and how thick a mouthguard should be through a state grant that teamed us up with Sandia National Laboratories  to conduct various scientific studies.   With the input of chemical engineers, dentists, and professional athletes we now have boil and bite mouth guards that are 150% more shock absorbent than our competition, and custom mouth guards that have up to 417% more power distribution than our competition.   And we stand behind every single one of our products offering  dental warranties of up to $25,000.

However, protective qualities were not the only thing that we saw lacking the mouthguard industry. The problem is many athletes do not wear mouth guards because they are bulky, uncomfortable and make it very hard to breathe.  That was the number one reason the founder of Damage Control never wore a mouth guard, and as a result he fractured his two front teeth while doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  This is what lead him to start Damage Control Mouth guards.   With our attention to  comfort and fit in all our mouthguard lines, our customers have said that our mouth guards are the best fitting most comfortable mouthguard they have ever worn allowing for maximum oxygen intake, and communication while playing their sport. Therefore, our customers can put more heart and concentration in their game rather than focusing on a bulky piece of plastic in their mouth.  

Also, you can add style to your smile with the array of fun and aggressive designs we offer on all mouthguard lines. 

And our next step is to penetrate other sports markets like football, boxing, hockey, and rugby.   Play Harder-Live Better. 

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