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Custom Mouthguard Value for Germ Spread Prevention

The COVID-19 outbreak has swept the globe and impacted numerous areas of life, and sports are no exception. From major pro sports leagues being shut down to concerns surrounding youth sports in many areas, the effect has been widespread – and now efforts are underway to safely and responsibly try to return to play where possible.

At Damage Control Mouthguards, we’re proud to do our small part here by providing custom mouthguards for a variety of sports, from football mouthguards to basketball, hockey, MMA and many others. As sports at varying levels attempt returns, a custom mouthguard provides numerous hygiene and sanitation benefits you won’t find from other types. Let’s go over how a custom mouthguard assists with COVID-19 spread prevention in an athletic situation.

custom mouthguard germ spread prevention

Touching and Germs

As many are well aware, the current COVID-19 virus spreads through both air droplets and germs spread through touching. While the latter area is less of a significant risk than airborne particles, it does remain a major way individuals can pick up the virus.

For this reason, those in sport return scenarios are looking to minimize the spread of germs and touching wherever possible. One major area here is the mouthguard – every time this is removed so an athlete can get a drink of water or touch some other common surface, germs are transferred from one mouth to a surface. But custom mouthguards are made to match your exact mouth structure, making removal necessary far less often. This means fewer germs passed around, a vital feature at this time.

Loose Mouthguard Risks

Generic mouthguards are often loose and ill-fitting in the mouth, meaning they can become dislodged or fall out based on fit. This means they touch benches, playing surfaces and locker room floors much more often than custom mouthguards.

Again, this risks germ spread. A custom mouthguard, on the other hand, will not fall out regularly, and therefore will not touch common surfaces.

Cleaning and Storage

Our custom mouthguards also all come with a storage case, allowing you to safely and hygienically store your mouthguard between uses. It will not have to be hug from a helmet or left in a locker room where all sorts of germs could be circulating, and rather will sit in a protected area until you need to use it again.

Germ Hiding Spots

Finally, lesser mouthguard types are far more prone to damage due to chewing that leads to holes, gaps, rips and other problems. These areas, in turn, provide hiding places for various germs to grow and multiply – but with a custom mouthguard, the item remains intact and such hiding places are nowhere to be found.

For more on why custom mouthguards are ideal for helping germ spread prevention during this unique period, or to learn about any of our custom sport mouthguards, speak to the staff at Damage Control Mouthguards today.

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