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Mouth guard with broken teeth inside

A lot of people have been tagging us in this photo’s comments, as this photo has been popping up all over social media outlets today.  I thought I would share it and comment on it.  This picture shows what looks like teeth in a custom mouth guard.  I have read some posts that say that this picture was taken at an MMA event in Canada, other posts say  this occurred in China, and reports that  this happened to a Brazilian fighter.  Firstly, these are not real teeth that are stuck in the mouth guard.  They are what look like either temporary crowns, a zirconium bridge, or a combination of crowns and a bridge.  Either way it sucks that this costly dental work was damaged.  However, this fighter was wise in having the best mouth guard on to protect his dental work, a custom mouth guard.  If he were our customer, we would have recommended our HXC™ custom mouth guard.  We usually recommend this mouth guard technology for people that have crowns, dental implants or dental work they would like to protect as the HXC™ offers 417% more power dispersion than a regular custom mouth guard.  We also recommend our HXC™ custom mouth guard to anyone who is in combat sports. Nevertheless, impact forces can exceed the protective capabilities of any mouth guard on the market.  From the looks of this photo, however, it appears that it was just his dental work that was damaged and not his teeth. Therefore, he more than likely did not suffer any pain from this incident.  Click the link  here to learn more about an HXC™ custom mouth guard.

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