October 08, 2019 2 min read

There are several reasons why it’s important for children and teens to wear mouthguards while playing a variety of sports, and these primary benefits are all interconnected. The main goal here is safety and protection, but one important additional area that’s highly related, for instance, is complying with rules and regulations.

At Damage Control Mouthguards, we offer a wide range of custom mouthguard options, from baseball and basketball mouthguards to football, boxing and MMA mouthguards. We recognize that most rules and regulations involving mouthguards are created specifically to encourage proper safety precautions for those playing, and this is just one incentive area you can use to ensure your child wears their mouthguard properly at all times. Here are a few additional areas that benefit mouthguard compliance.

Custom Design Mouthguard

Fit Comes First

The biggest single reason why anyone, child or adult, neglects wearing their mouthguard during competition: Because it doesn’t fit properly or is uncomfortable. From minor discomfort issues to concerns where mouthguards limit breathing capability or even sightlines, any fit problems can turn a perfectly good mouthguard into a spectator, so to speak.

For this reason, fit is a vital concern when selecting a new mouthguard. This is one major area where custom-fit mouthguards are a huge benefit, as they’re known to fit best and contour directly to the user’s mouth. If you go with previously molded or boil-and-bite options, take the time to ensure they fit properly and comfortable before they’re worn during competition.

Thickness and Design

While fit is a vital characteristic of any mouthguard, so is the actual mold and design. One of the biggest factors here is thickness – many of those who struggle with breathing or speaking while wearing their mouthguard do so because the piece has too much material in locations where it isn’t really needed.

Again, this is where custom-fitting a mouthguard is so valuable. This allows various areas to have different thicknesses based on what the user needs, with lots of material in “impact zones” near the front of the teeth and underneath the molars while other areas remain relatively thin. When athletes are confident in both the fit and protective qualities of their mouthguard, using it at all times and in compliance with rules will become second nature.

Aesthetics and Style

Finally, especially among younger children, another common cause of mouthguards not being worn in compliance with rules is a lack of style. Kids don’t want to wear a boring, blank piece of rubber, especially if all their friends have cool designs on their own mouthguards. Just like any other piece of gear, look for ways to personalize a mouthguard, whether it’s a custom-made option with their team name or number or a pre-fitted option with a trendy design.

For more on how to encourage mouthguard use for both safety and compliance with sporting rules, or to learn about any of our custom sport mouthguards, speak to the staff at Damage Control Mouthguards today.

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