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Age Ranges and Importance of Child Sports Mouthguards

Mouthguards have several distinct purposes, and one of the most common and well-known is protecting the mouth and teeth of children who play sports. From developing teeth to fragile jaws and related areas, keeping kids safe and protected from certain kinds of head trauma during competition is extremely important.

At Damage Control Mouthguards, we have a wide range of custom mouthguards that will perfectly fit your child and keep them safe while they compete. Whether your child requires a hockey mouthguard, football mouthguard, basketball mouthguard or any other variety, we have types specifically for them. Why are mouthguards so vital for kids in sports, and at what age should they begin wearing them? Let’s take a look.

age ranges child sports mouthguards

Why Mouthguards Matter for Kids

It’s vital for parents to remember that even for young children still operating with their baby teeth in place, facial and jaw damage can still be major long-term issues. Losing, cracking or otherwise damaging baby teeth prematurely will impact the way permanent teeth grow in, often in significant ways that cannot be reversed.

For this reason, mouthguard use during any sport – both contact and otherwise – is very important for children of all ages. Just because a sport is not meant for contact doesn’t mean it can’t take place, and this is more common the faster kids are moving. Mouthguards help prevent major trauma from causing tooth loss, cut gums, tongue issues or any other concerns that could result without such an item in place.

Age Ranges

At what age should this practice begin for your child? The answer is generally very simple: At the same age they begin playing high-speed sports of any kind.

A child at any age can be sized for a mouthguard, whether one of our custom options or boil-and-bite choices we also have available. Whether or not your child wears braces shouldn’t really matter – all kids playing sports should wear a mouthguard regardless.

Encouraging Mouthguard Use

Some children aren’t big fans of wearing their mouthguards, including those that are too young to understand why it’s necessary. They may attempt not to wear it or to take it out on the field of play where possible. Here are some tips for ensuring children wear their mouthguards consistently:

  • Fun options: You have numerous choices when it comes to mouthguard design, including choosing your child’s favorite color and other logos or accents to get them into it.
  • Flavor: Some mouthguard options may come with a flavor, which will be another form of encouragement.
  • Incentives: In some cases, parents have to offer incentives for mouthguard use, whether in the form of reward for doing so or punishment for not doing so.

For more on why child mouthguards are vital during all sports participation, or to learn about any of our custom sports mouthguards, speak to the staff at Damage Control Mouthguards today.

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