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Wear a mouth guard even if your sport does not require one. Even if it is not from Damage Control, something is better than nothing.  This video provides shocking proof to all the things that can go wrong when participating in your sport or recreational activity like skate boarding.  Being in the mouth guard business for eight years  we have found the sports that do not mandate mouth guard usage tend to be the sports with the highest occurrence of oral injuries.  The sports that we have personally seen for the greatest cause for oral injury have been Basketball, Soccer, Wresting and Hockey (in that order).  Keep in mind that that the number one sport we sell mouth guards to are combat sports athletes. These are martial artist, boxers, kick boxers, muay thai athletes, and MMA athletes.  These are men and women that get kicked and punched in the face intentionally.  However, as long as these athletes been in their given sport, they have always worn mouth guards since their sport requires them, and they are accepted as normal protective equipment to these types of athletes.  

About the video:  This video was created by Darkroomhorror.comand Josh T. Romero who was a former employee of Damage Control Mouthguards for over  4 years.  Josh has since moved on to start his own business were he does videography, graphic design and photography.  As you can see from his website Josh is a big fan of horror movies.  We reached out to him for we had a vision to create a video that was very disturbing, gory and pointed to the brutal realities of what can go wrong when not wearing a mouth guard. In all I think Josh nailed the vision we had in mind.  Our plan is to promote this video to create mouth guard awareness to both parents and athletes.  Please help share the awareness by sharing this video in platforms you see fit.  Stop the horror, wear a mouth guard. 

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