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When asked to put together a mouth guard spray I had to consider two things, what will kill bacteria, viruses and fungus and what is something that wont make you sad that you just put that in you’re mouth?

The first thing you need for a spray is a good carrier base. So I chose witch hazel. I chose this base, because it contains tanens that help fight bacteria, and most importantly its safe for internal use!

Next…. The main ingredient, Lemon grass! Why? because of its chemistry makeup, And it doesn’ taste terrible!

Essential oils are made from Chemical families like: Monoterpenes, Monoterpenols, and most importantly Aldehydes, and Aldehydes are the main chemical family that we find in Lemongrass.

 Within chemical families are the components that make them effective. So within the chemical family of aldehydes we have the components: Citral (geranial and neral) and Citronellal. These components are responsible for making lemongrass amazing, and the reason that when you spray your mouth guard with this spray it will clean, and freshen the guard and be ready for your next use!

Citral and Citronellal are known to be Antibacterial, anti fungal, and anti viral! wiping out all the gross that could possibly be going into your mouth!

On a awesome essential oil note, Lemon grass is also known to be aromatically helpful in that it refreshes emotions, uplifts mood and reduces fatigue! So your welcome we just helped you get ready emotionally too!



Chasity LeBlanc ~ Sacred Lavendula

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