A better way to create

Damage Control is looking for partners to find innovative ways for oral creations to come alive. We have 28 years of combined experience in fabricating oral devices. We are looking to partner with companies to offer concussion measuring devices, hydration detecting technology, and other smart mouth guard technologies.  Also, we are looking to partner with other custom mouth guard companies who are interested in getting training for mouth guard fabrication, mouth guard design, and 3D scanning and 3D printing work flows. 

3D Scanning and 3D Printed Prototyping services

We offer a wide array of 3D scanning options, and 3D printed prototyping for your project.

28 years of combined dental laboratory, and dental expertise

We have dental lab techs, dentists, and engineers on hand.

Graphic Design &
3D Design

We have experienced graphic artist on our team that can help create your mouth guard promotional project, or help you create a 3D rendition of your conceptual design.

Breaking Bad Teams up with Damage Control

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 Revgear & Fightdentist

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 Bemidji State University 

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A better way to create

At Damage Control we find we are most successful when we find innovative ways to do something and share it with others.  Our Oral Protective Technologies (OPTech) solution center brings together dental lab technicians, professional dentists, chemical engineers, and professional athletes to bring the world the most protective highest performing mouth guard products. 

  3D Scanning and 3D Printing 
  Circumflex Grip Technology™ 
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