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Custom Mouth Guard FAQs

What if I already have my teeth models for a custom mouth guard?

 If you already have your stone teeth models, or 3D printed teeth models, ship them to our address in our contact page.  Just place your order as you normally would from our custom mouth guard or VFP product page, and use coupon code: TEETHMODELS2522 for $30 OFF* at check out.   When this coupon code is used, we will email you a prepaid shipping label to your email.  Please ship teeth models back padded and protected to withstand the rigors of shipping.


How long does it take to have a custom mouth guard made from start to finish?

From start to finish ordering your custom mouth guard takes about two and half weeks. If you would like us to bump up your order in our fabrication queue, there will be an additional $50 charge.

I got my custom mouth guard back, and my gums are sore as a result of wearing it.

The main cause for this is the impression may have been taken out the mouth too early before the putty set. Therefore, gravity pulls down on the impression gum line area before it sets.  When we pour the mould the mould then does not fully represent the form of your gum line.  No worries, there is a quick fix to this issue with a few elements you can use at home. Call us for more details.


If I order a custom mouth guard, do I have to order an impression kit first?

No.  When you order a custom mouth guard the first step in the process will be us sending you an impression kit.  We only sell impression kits to customers who have bought custom mouth guards, but goofed up on the self impression process.

If I order 3D Fangs, will the protruding fangs poke me?

The fangs that hang over your bottom teeth are actually made of the same material that the rest of the mouthguard is made of!
Since the fangs on our 3D fang mouth guards aren’t as thick as the rest of the mouth guard, they’re naturally softer and more pliable. Over the top area, you’re even getting a little more protection as it becomes that much thicker with the protruding fangs.


Do your custom mouth guards come with a carrying case?

Yes, all our custom mouth guards come with a mouth guard case. The mouth guard case will come when your completed custom mouth guard is delivered.

What does your Limited Dental Warranty Cover?

Boil and Bite FAQs

Do you have a mouth guard for braces?

We always recommend you ask your orthodontist what kind of mouth guard they suggest for you or your child's ortho treatment.  Both our High Impact mouth guards, and our Extreme Impact mouth guards can be worn with braces.

What are the differences between the Extreme Impact mouth guards and the High Impact mouth guards?

The difference is that the Extreme Impact has added technology called shock pads built into the bottom of the mouthguard, and the Extreme Impact comes with a mouthguard case.

The High Impact does not come with shock pads nor does it come with a mouthguard case. 


What does your Limited Dental Warranty Cover?


Other FAQs

Do you offer coupon codes?

We typically only offer coupon codes around the holidays. Also, you will not learn about our coupon codes unless you follow us on social media, or if you are on our email list. We do not offer coupon codes if you email us or call in asking for them.

My package says it was delivered, but I have not received my product yet.

If you selected USPS as your delivery source, and you need help locating a packaging, your best route is calling your local post office with the tracking information. If you are in the US and you select priority shipping express, your package will be insured, if you do not select priority shipping express your package is not insured, and Damage Control will not be held responsible for the lost package.

International Orders

Damage Control ships anywhere in the world.  If you order a custom mouth guard you will be responsible to pay for the shipping to get the completed impression back to us. 

We suggest you choose DHL for your shipment choice.